• Please complete the questions below

  • Employment History

  • General support work, helping with day to day chores, supporting independence and social inclusion
  • They are the same duties and the same kind of support, the clients are diffident, bit the principles are the same
  • I’ve supported children and/or adults to engage in community activities and enjoy social inclusion
  • Your Personal Qualities

  • Personal Care

  • Help clients to shower and dress, anything to do with the personal side of life, applying creams
  • Dignity is important, making them comfortable through process, closing the door when showering or washing etc.
  • Promotion of the Individual

  • Choose their own meals and where to go, make sure they have choice, shopping, bowling and day centre
  • Confidentiality

  • Anything that is said or written down is confidential, not discussing personal details or families etc.
  • We know the persons address and personal details and these details can be used against them
  • Communication

  • Verbally and with soft tone and voice, positive body language, previous written experience through work
  • Working as a Team

  • Commitment

  • Additional Questions

  • Some of the work that we do requires an element of manual handling (carrying shopping, pushing a person in a wheelchair, using sliding sheets, using a hoist etc.
  • If over a week, please comment.
  • Please tick all that apply
  • FSW will work accomodate these to support your personal interests and values.
  • Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS)

    Due to the nature of our work with vulnerable children & adults we are required by law to apply or check that you have a valid in date DBS. An enhanced DBS will identify any convictions as well as cautions which must be disclosed at interview.

  • If you answered yes to the above question, you will be asked to disclose to a FSW senior manager your convictions or pending convictions.

    This information will be considered confidential and recorded accordingly. Your honesty at this point is important to the application process.

    Please seek advice from your FSW senior manager if you need to disclose information relevant to this section.

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