School Holiday Day Service Provision for Disabled Children

Family Support Wales operates Holiday Club support sessions for children with disabilities and diagnosis in the school holiday season. We offer this service in the following counties: Neath Port Talbot, Swansea and Carmarthenshire. The trips and sessions are overseen by our managers and support workers. We also recruit sessional holiday workers in the term holidays to help us during these periods. If you are interested in working with us during the school term holidays please see our careers section.

Family Support Wales Summer Holiday Club was set up as a pilot project with Carmarthenshire County Council. The holiday club offered a range of daily activity trips for disabled children from across Carmarthenshire aged 0-12 year old, and over 12s up to age of 19.The trips were arranged for 2 weeks in July and 2 weeks in August 2021 and 2022, we block booked a mini bus for the duration of the four weeks. Prior to the trips commencing we arranged meet and greets with the children and families, just to introduce ourselves and get to know the children, these meetings proved invaluable.

During the 4 weeks we visited the following locations: Oakwood Theme Park, Folly Farm, Pembrey Country Park, Aberavon Lido, Oxwich Bay, Clerkenhill Farm, and Heatherton. Our staff were put into teams on each day depending on staffing ratios required and gender mix, with a senior member of staff in attendance each day. The holiday club supported a total of 25 disabled children over the four weeks which was a fantastic effort from our team. We simply made it fun for the children, some of the outcomes were huge in terms of confidence building, huge barriers were overcome, which was testimony to the brilliant work of our staff, and the resolve of the children, simply life changing experiences.

Here are some pictures from our wonderful days out in 2022 (published with permission).

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Parent/Carer Feedback

Really good summer club. Charlie has never been to clubs before . Good communication from you and staff. Charlie was really happy going in and coming home. Thanks again.


The summer club offered invaluable support.  It was a on for a generous length of time which was great, especially as we live an hour away.  The buildings seemed cheerful and welcoming, and the staff were kindly and efficient.  Andrew is a very good communicator. All in all, very much appreciated 😊


Ryley had an amazing time with the younger children, and he said he would love to come back again sorry. All staff were amazing, we had no problems with anything. He loved it


Alexander really enjoyed the club; it’s camaraderie, it’s feel of fun, despite its school base which is good. He also enjoyed having staff who echoed his sense of fun and mischief- within the perimeters of safe play.

All the staff were helpful and kind. Although I would have liked slightly more feedback on what he had done during the club.

I think most parents find new providers concerning- but I was reassured that they understood the character of my son as well as his difficulties.

I discovered that I had been allotted an extra day that I hadn’t booked but was delighted by as by that time in the holidays I was on my knees, and it proved a lifesaver! So I suppose a better booking scheme – and the ability to see whether spaces could be filled by those who had dropped out- the same way gym booking schemes work…how many spaces are left type thing.


He absolutely loved it. Especially the water fighting.

I met the staff at drop off and collection and was very impressed with their positive approach.

It helps develop their interpersonal skills as well as providing an enjoyable experience.

I did not see the club in action but the delight it gave Caius was enough to convince me that you have the correct approach.


They both loved it and can’t wait to attend any future clubs

Very friendly yet professional [staff]. Definitely very approachable etc. They all appeared to work well as a team.

My youngest in particular hasn’t stopped talking about the fun he had.


She ran in each morning once she was used to the people. If there were issues to be communicated, they [the staff] were all very easy to speak with.


Most definitely [enjoyed the summer club]! All questions were answered satisfactory and the staff were very friendly and approachable.


Phoebe enjoyed all the activities in the club. There were no issues and felt comfortable leaving Phoebe in their care.


He was so happy when we picked him up, It was lovely to see. [The staff were] very friendly and approachable. Nothing was too much.


Staff Feedback

Simply one of the best and ideal jobs I’ve had. I am very grateful for the experience and thoroughly enjoyed working with the children and staff. The whole experience definitely made me feel more confident when working with children, especially those with learning difficulties, as I have learnt a lot from both staff and the children themselves (toileting was an experience!) . Lastly, I got to know the community more and I thought that was lovely.

They [the organisers] were all very helpful and friendly. No problems whatsoever.


I had no idea what to expect and was a bit nervous but I enjoyed every minute of it and found it a very rewarding experience.  The organizers were all very friendly and approachable.  They supported me with challenging situations that arose and with any advice I needed.


I thoroughly enjoyed working at FSW holiday club this summer. I feel have learnt new skills to support children and young people with disabilities and additional needs..

I felt Andrew, Caitlin & Kirsty were extremely supportive and helpful with all staff. I liked that we were assigned a child and given a profile prior to working with the child/young person. Andrew, Caitlin and Kirsty had the attendees best interests at heart and ensured they were happy, comfortable and having fun.

I also felt that I could ask questions or ask for support with individual children/ young person and they would always jump right in to support, no hesitation or judgement. They made me feel equal and a valued member of staff given I had little experience with disabilities and additional needs.

A big Well done to Andrew for organizing a thriving and successful holiday club!


I loved working at the club as each day was different.


Here are some pictures from our wonderful days out in 2021 (published with permission).

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