• Have both supervisor and support worker brought the following with them?

  • How is the support worker, are they well, general well-being in relation to work.
  • Who do you currently work with? Are there any issues? Have you noticed any change in the individual’s needs (care plan, risk assessment, etc.) how is your relationship with the parents/carers? How is your relationship with the co-worker, Has the individual raised any concerns or have any complaints that may require a follow up? What activities do you access whilst on session? Please feedback on the individuals person centred plan – is it working? Are there any issues regarding transport?
  • Please review the services you are involved in and relate any possible concerns or issues that could be important to the safety and welfare of children/adults you support.
  • Are there any concerns with other community staff? Have you concerns or issues with the office staff or senior management?
  • Are you managing your training plan (QCFs, etc) are there any areas you feel you need further training in? Is there any other specialist training you would like to undertake?
  • What needs to improve, please detail?
  • Who will assist and support staff member to complete improvement.
  • What is the expected outcome and what do FSW and Support worker expect to achieve?
  • When is action expected to be completed by?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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