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If the person vomits shortly after taking their medication do not re administer and seek medical advice immediately regarding potential symptoms to look out for. The same rule applies when a service user spits out medication. Observe the person for adverse effects, record and administer the next due dosage at the usual time.

If the person misses a prescribed does, this needs to be recorded and seek medical advice immediately regarding potential symptoms to look out for... If the service user relies on the staff on duty to administer their medication, the staff member concerned needs to report the non administration of medication to the office. A missed dose of medication can be administered up to one hour after the allotted time.

In the event of administering medication and discovering the prescription has not been filled. Contact the local hospital who will be able to inform you of the nearest out of hour’s chemist.

If medication is accidentally dropped onto the floor dispose down the sink. Do not flush down the toilet as there is a risk that the medication will float and therefore poses a risk of being swallowed.

If the wrong medication is administered to the wrong person, staff need to contact the GP detailing what medication has been administered and what medication should have been administered. Staff need to record and follow the advice given. All mis- administration Must be reported to office staff immediately.

If a service user needs to be admitted to hospital, staff on duty must take with them a list of all prescribed medication.

When prescribed medication is stopped or changed, all stock needs to be returned to the dispensing chemist and a receipt obtained. This will be recorded upon return to the service user’s home.



Medication policy to be followed at all times. If in doubt, contact your domiciliary care coordinator who will be able to advice.

If advise/support is required outside of normal office ours please contact our on call facility on 0800 161 5516

If you are ever unsure of what to do and believe the health and well-being of the service user is at risk always call for emergency support via 999

Always report to management at first instant and record details of concern via the website or in person to one of the senior management team.


Is the service user aware of this risk assessment?
Has consent for assessment given?
Has consent for FSW staff to respond to an emergency within the community that may involve my son/daughter having basic First Aid administered and possibly an admission to A&E been given?
I understand that FSW staff will inform me, next of kin or designated responsible person if an accident or injury occurs while supporting your son/daughter in the community.