Welsh to keep £40,000 before they start paying for care

People in Wales are now able to keep up to £40,000 of their savings before they need to start paying for their care home. The Welsh Government has raised the capital limit from £24,000 up to £50,000 during the current Assembly term which runs till 2021. In April last year, the limit was raised to £30,000 and from today the limit will be £40,000. This new capital limit in Wales is now the highest in the UK. In England, people with capital and Read more...

7 Different Variations of Synesthesia

7 Different Variations of Synesthesia—an Amazing Condition That's Common Among Autistics


If this crazy word, synesthesia, confuses you, you're not alone! It refers to a rare condition in which one sensory experience or perceptual mode evokes a totally different sensory experience or perceptual mode. For example, synesthetes may be able to hear motion (that's otherwise silent), see sounds, or taste Read more...

Makaton and BSL simplified sessions

Date: 10th May 2018, 10.00 - 12.00

Our sessions will take place in the Phoenix Centre, Townhill SA1 6PH

Cost: £10.00 per 2 hour session

We will be offering a series of 10 sessions running fortnightly

OUR NEXT SESSION IS ON 24th MAY at 10.00am to 12.00

We are offering Basic BSL/Basic Makaton sessions for children and families to attend. Our aim is to support those with hearing impairment and their families Read more...

BSL Sessions

Date: 11th May 2018, 10.00 - 12.00

Our sessions will take place in the Phoenix Centre, Townhill SA1 6PH

Cost: £10.00 per 2 hour session

We will be offering a series of 12

sessions running fortnightly


Family Support Wales will be offering a series of BSL sessions to support and help adults and older children who want to learn to communicate using BSL. The Read more...

My Family and Autism by Natasha Lee from the NAS

Natasha Lee is a YouTuber and Blogger from North Wales. Here she shares her experiences of being a Mother to three autistic sons; Michael, 20, James, 10 and George, five, and why she supports an Autism Bill for Wales. My three boys are the perfect example of how wide the autism spectrum is as their autism presents very differently in each of them. Being an ASD parent is isolating.  There’s Read more...

Street Dance Workshops

Date: To be confirmed

Family Support Wales will be organising ongoing events for children and families in Swansea and Neath Port Talbot. We will be offering regular Street Dance sessions and Drama Workshop sessions over the coming months. The sessions will be run for children and families, those who may have support or special needs and those with ASD or ADHD. Our events will be staffed with experienced support workers and will look to engage and Read more...

Drama Workshops for Children

Date: 29th May 2018, 16.30 - 17.30

Our sessions will take place in the Phoenix Centre, Townhill SA1 6PH

Cost: £6 per session

We will be offering a series of 6

sessions running weekly, click here tickets

Family Support Wales are offering a series of Drama Workshops for children with special education needs. Read more...

Stopping overmedication of autistic people prioritized by ‘outstanding’ care home

A care home service in Northamptonshire has put ending the overmedication of people with autism at the heart of its care, with inspectors rating the provider outstanding. Alderwood provides residential care and supported living for young people and adults who have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders and challenging behaviour. The Care Quality Commission found ‘staff were passionate and dedicated to their roles and had belief in the ethos of the Read more...

How do we work with you?

You and your future is important to us, so we listen, listen again and again and we don't stop listening to you while we deliver a service that is driven by your changing needs and aspirations. We set goals with you, plan with you, strive with you, if you need a break we will wait with you, if you stumble we will pick you up, we will be with you all the way until you achieve your goal. Our inclusion and involvement support will help you or your loved Read more...

Resident at end of life ‘defies all odds’ and is discharged

Irene Mickleburgh entered St Catherine’s care home in Bolton in May last year needing end of life care. Now six months on, she has been discharged by the care home, after being well enough to go home. Irene Mickleburgh Irene was admitted to the home in Horwich, with a grade 4 pressure sore, leaving her bedbound with poor mobility. There were also fears that due to the extensive damage to her skin there was a danger that Irene could develop fatal Read more...

Valuing the Views of Children with a Learning Disability Report

Children and young people with learning disabilities are often left out of decisions and processes that impact their lives, from every day decisions about what to eat or wear, through choices about their education or care, to life changing decisions such as whether to move away from home. Families report shockingly dismissive attitudes towards consulting their children. One family explained how an advocate, appointed to represent their daughter’s views Read more...

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