Unless you live with the challenges and difficulties of children and adults who have Autism or ADHD you won’t get close to understanding the full physical and emotional impact it has on your life 24/7. Families can often cope with the physical demands, they can sometimes catch up with some of the many hours of lost sleep, they may be able to replace or repair damaged toys, TV’s and bedrooms, they know the bruises will heal eventually but managing the emotional impact is a totally different concept. For many families they watch, hear and struggle with seeing the child they love display an array of challenges that can drain a parent.

Feedback from families living with these challenges will more often say they can some shape or form just about manage with the physical challenges but watching those they love lead a different life with a different path, knowing that some everyday things can be difficult to reach is extremely tough.

Family Support Wales recognises the difficulties and challenges faced by many families. We know we don’t completely understand as we don’t live with these challenges 24/7. We do understand the love you have for your family and know you want the best for them in all they do. Our aim is to support you and those impacted by these challenges.

Our team of support staff are specifically trained to adapt and manage these challenges with you. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and aims and will adapt and move in the direction that is needed to support those you love.

For further details of what we offer and how we can work with you please call 0800 161 5516 or visit our website familysupportwales.co.uk