Feedback from the

Parents and Autism Support Group Meeting

14th Feb 2018


Thank you to all who attended our first meeting

We took some good points from the meeting and we’ve taken on board feelings about the various relationships with different organisations that work with or offer services to parents and families with children who are impacted by ASD. From this we realise there are many issues that you would like to address and processes that could be more user friendly.

From our perspective there were a few things that we took from the meeting. This first was to be clear on who we are and what we can offer. And also what we can do in relation to working with families in the Swansea and Neath Port Talbot areas.

Below is a list of feedback points, some are more informational while other will hopefully encourage a response from those interested.

About Us:

We are a private organisation. We can work with most families through Direct Payments, ILF and private agreements. We offer community support/day respite. This means we can offer 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 support to your child or adult family member. Being a private organisation means there will be a charge. The charge will depend on any challenges and training that may be involved. Group events can work out cheaper when we structure support events.

We are also able to offer a Direct Payments service, this includes recruitment and management of Personal Assistants. We can advise and competently set up and manage recruitment, contracts, training, payroll and any other aspects of the process of having a PA care or support your family. We can also offer cover for when your carer or support worker is on holidays or sickness etc.

We have a strong team of managers and support workers involved in this organisation that have a positive history of delivering quality services with outcomes for those we support. We are not a ‘child minding’ service. The work we complete and services offered will expect to meet the aims and objectives of those we support. Our involvement will mean we complete our own assessment with you and outcomes to be achieved for your child or family member.


Why Meet Up:

We would like to develop our service to meet your needs. Our organisational aim is to develop a service that has those we support at the very centre of what we do. For this we need your opinions, wish list, moans n groans and needs. Although we understand we have some limitations during these early stages our current status will change as we grow to your needs. This means what we offer and how we offer support and training will change.


Our Thoughts and Progress:

We are looking at options that may be of some support or maybe not, but your feedback on these thoughts would be appreciated.

We are looking into offering group sessions in a various forms. This will include FSW staffing a venue such as Town Hill CC to support group involvement. We are looking at specifically setting up group activities for those with High functioning ASD too. Our aim is to encourage interaction and group involvement. Initially there is likely to be minimum involvement from parents, over a period we hope to reduce this but maintain the appropriate staffing levels.

In a similar way we would like to develop the community relationships to benefit those we support. We have several links including Lazer Zone and Go Air where we have discount and are able to use block books during the quieter times. We would like feedback from families on the use of this for group activities.

We are looking into training for parents and families that are more in line with emotional management, stress management and behavioural support. We understand that many of you have already received good standards of training through early bird and jigsaw. We will like to take feedback from parents and families on areas they feel less confident in or areas you would like more knowledge in. We will incorporate some of this training in line with the training we deliver to our staff. We will be looking at offering some training for free too.

We don’t want to reinvent the wheel but want to ensure what we do is effective and relevant.


Next meeting:

We will hopefully receive feedback from parents and families prior to our next meeting. Please comment on the above information and give us direction so we can support you.

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