There have always been changes in the care and support industry and this ever evolving and dynamic environment has seen many new initiatives over the years. The latest initiative to rock the health & social care industry is the Releasing Time to Care program. This latest initiative was developed via the NHS in Scotland. Since then it has spread to various local authorities as they look to empower patients in hospital and at home to take a more active role in their rehabilitation goals.

Leading the assessment charge in the community are Occupational Therapists. Some of these professionals have been designated specifically to review all care packages to assess if people are suitable for less intrusive care packages. Releasing Time to Care is having a profound impact on patients/service users, community care teams and private care companies.

Family Support Wales has occupational therapists who are able to train care providers on how to manage historical “double handed” care packages with one carer. We assess patients and introduce new equipment to adapt routines to get the best possible outcomes for clients. Single handed care is the best way to provide client led care as the client has to participate in their care which is the most client centred approach we can offer. By having one carer to complete formal care we can boost the confidence of family members to provide informal care as they know that transfers can be safely managed by one person. Most importantly clients become more independent by participating in tasks, often clients report increased muscle strength, increased positive mood, increased cognitive awareness along with many other physical and mental health benefits just by having their packages of care adjusted.

Adjustments vary from changes to routines, to equipment changes and quite often larger adaptations to their environment.
For further information contact Family Support Wales regarding Releasing Time to Care and how we can assess your personal needs, help you adapt your home and environment or train your care staff to adjust to these new changes.
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