For social care training or the training content to become accredited, it will need to be approved by a reputable institution. This seal of approval is proof that the training is of an exceptionally high standard, and guarantees that the training will teach skills to the support and care workers.

One of the biggest benefits offered by accredited training is the opportunity for your support and care staff to earn qualifications. These qualifications add credibility and purpose to the future development and career of your support staff. Our accredited training programs underpin our commitment to up-skilling social care staff.

Using accredited training is also a means of getting external quality assurance for your program. Your learners will need to be assessed against the accrediting institutions strict criteria before they’ll hand out any qualifications. If they’re happy with these assessments, then you can be sure that you’re effectively developing your learners’ skillsets.

Accredited training can involve more work than other training, because you need to keep proving that you’re meeting the required standards, but the rewards for your efforts are ample justification!

Family Support Wales offers various accredited training programs that are in line with SCIF, Care Certificate standards and also supports QCF learning and qualification.

We work with and under the direction of Accredited Training Providers and our trainers are registered with the Education Workforce Council.



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