A 93-year-old resident helped to wax the legs of the deputy manager of a care home in Stockton on Tees, who went through the ordeal to raise money for projectors, bubble lights and dementia dolls for a sensory room.


John Drury, deputy manager of The Beeches Care Homewas joined by his brother Paul and father-in-law Damien Brewster for the painful challenge, which saw residents helping to rip the hot wax strips off their legs.

John Drury said: “I know it’s a bit extreme having your legs waxed. We had a few comments from female colleagues but we all decided to step up and do it for the good of the residents.

“It was a painful experience but well worth it as our goal is to change the lives of the residents. We’re still collecting the sponsor money but, so far, we’ve collected over £400, which will be added to the total already raised for the sensory room.”

Resident Laura Nelson, 93, helped out at the event by ripping a wax strip off John’s legs. She said: “I’ve never done anything like this.”

Her daughter, Julie Robison, added: “Mum really enjoyed having a go at waxing John’s legs. It’s great to see the funds raised will help towards the future sensory room.”

The funds will be used to buy equipment for the home’s specialist facility for residents with dementia, including projectors, bubble lights and empathy dolls.

Helen Wood, manager of The Beeches Care Home, on Green Lane, said: “We consulted with the residents and their families and decided that, to enhance the quality of life of the residents whose dementia is at a more advance level, we would create a sensory room.

“We worked out the overall cost of the furnishings and specialist equipment and have been fundraising for much of the year.

“Staff members and their families, relatives and members of the community have been fantastic in their support of this goal. I can only thank John and his family members for really going the extra mile to add to the total raised so far.”

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