This course is currently running

Start Date was: 29th May 2018, 16.30 – 17.30

Next Sessions are:

Tuesday 05th June: 16.30 – 17.30

Tuesday 12th June: 16.30 – 17.30

Tuesday 19th June: 16.30 – 17.30

Tuesday 26th June: 16.30 – 17.30

Tuesday 03rd July: 16.30 – 17.30

Our sessions will take place in the Phoenix Centre, Townhill SA1 6PH

Cost: £6 per session

sessions running weekly, click here tickets

Family Support Wales are offering a series of Drama Workshops for children with special education needs. Our facilitator has designed a series of sessions to entertain, teach and encourage children to enjoy drama. We will have our own community support staff on hand to help if need. Children can also bring their parents if they wish!

Sessions are priced at £6.00 per child. Our sessions are a maximum of 10 per session. The sessions will run weekly after the first on the 29th May.

Below is an outline of our series of six drama workshop

Week 1 Session 1

– Get to know each other.

– To create a trust within the group.

– Explain the overall aim of the project.

– To create a personal aim.

– The participants gain a greater understanding of working with others.

– The participants increase an understanding of how they can achieve the overall aim of the project.

– Fruit Salad

– Pair Share

– Zip, Zap

– Don’t drop the ball

– Bean Order

– Manic Order

Week 2 Session 2

– To create an aims map.

– Share a happy images with the group.

– Share a positive story.

– The participants start to gain an understanding on how to begin detaching themselves from the personal story.

– The participants start to build confidence in sharing.

– Don’t drop the ball

– 1 to 20

– Shape and Freeze

– Storage Container

Week 3 Session 3

– Write a personal story based on a happy moment.

– Adding more detail into the stories eg smell, taste, noise, texture.

– The participants start to build on descriptive story writing.

– To begin detaching themselves from the story in order to start healing.

– Grandma’s footsteps

– Calming thought

– 1,2,3 Turn

Week 4 Session 4

– In groups share their stories and share back in various criteria’s eg news report, magazine article and more.

– The participants start to see their chosen stories through others interpretations which will build on understanding and excipients without personal feelings attached.

– Pass the pulse

– Head or Tails

– Mould an image

– Storage Container

Week 5 Session 5

– Start creating, rehearsing and preparing how they would like to share their personal stories with audience members either a play, drawings or storytelling.

– To work on how to cope with nervous which may arise on the day of the sharing.

– The participants start to build on their creativity and confidence.

– For the participants to learn how to deal with set situations which may arise when performing/ sharing.

– Blind car

– Don’t drop the ball

– Magic car wash

– Breath Aware

– Like and More

– Storage Container

Week 6 Session 6


– To share the stories which the participants have been working on.

– To help the participants gain the confidence to share.

– To help the group build on their confidence and except themselves in a positive atmosphere.

– To help the participants gain pride in their work and life.

– Green, Amber and Red

– Bungalow

– Facial warm-up


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