Family Support Wales offer a wide range of services and can operate through various routes such as Direct Payments, Central Funding or via a private arrangement.

Our staff are trained in PBM (Positive Behavioural Management) and PBS (Positive Behavioural Support) to ensure the safety of those we support. Our staff will work to recognised support plan in relation to how we support your child or family member through periods of behavioural difficulties while involving them in community activities.

We will work with you to find the best possible means of support that will suit your personal needs. Our range of services include:

  • Community involvement
  • Social activities
  • Shopping
  • Cleaning
  • Companionship
  • Support to enjoy time in your community


Supporting someone with a Learning disability in their own home

There are many families affected by disability and/or diagnosis and illness living in Wales. For each family and individual there are many added difficulties that add pressure and stress to an already difficult and challenging life. For the thousands of people in the UK who are living with a learning disability, their daily lives are affected in a variety of ways. Many of them rely on their family for support. But with a fully trained and dedicated live-in carer, we make it possible for you or your loved one to live as independently as possible.
Around 1% of the British population live with an autistic spectrum condition and many of those people will have a learning disability. Around 1 in 1,000 people in the UK live with down syndrome, some of whom will also have learning difficulties.


Support for people with learning disabilities

Families or carers of people with learning disabilities can often feel overwhelmed, especially as a child grows into a young adult through the difficult transition period. Your child may develop at a slower rate than others and need extra health check-ups – but there is support available if you should need it.

Family Support Wales’ support workers and carers are fully trained and experienced when it comes to caring for someone with a learning disability. If your family is unsure of how to best cope during transition to adult services a carer from Family Support Wales can support you with your loved ones health. When a young person lives with a learning disability, a support worker from Family Support Wales can support them with their development, their social and communication skills and any other issues that may arise as a result of their learning disability.


Family Support Wales approach to supporting someone with a learning disability

A learning disability is always unique to the person, and in every case, we concentrate on people’s gifts and strengths. At Family Support Wales we understand how to support someone with a learning disability. 20% of our younger clients have a learning disability, many of whom have been receiving live-in support from us for a number of years.

Family Support wales offers a holistic approach to assessing the needs of your family and setting up a support service that will ensure your family receive the best possible care and support available.


Supporting a family member with autism

If you are caring for someone with autism, you may need support when communicating with them. Often people with autism can find items in their surroundings hostile, when other people wouldn’t. It’s important to communicate clearly with an autistic person as they will sometimes misinterpret what you say. Our support workers can help you to communicate effectively with your loved one, and introduce you to techniques to aid communication, and to identify what causes their frustrations.


Supporting a family member with down syndrome

If you live with down syndrome or care for someone who does, you may find you need extra support. A Family Support Wales support worker can support you and your family and help with the development of someone who has down syndrome. Perhaps you’ve found that your loved one needs extra support with language and clear speech. Your carer can work with local speech therapists to ensure that your loved one is receiving the developmental support required to improve their speech.


Support that encourages and enables independence

You may also find that your loved one requires extra help with their social development, getting out and about and meeting new people. The Family Support Wales team are not just available for your loved one’s physical development but for their emotional development too. They can be a friend who will listen to your worries, and a companion to share your interests with.

We aim to support people with learning disabilities to live independently as part of their local community, close to existing networks and family if possible. Having live-in support means that the person can exercise choice and control over their life in ways that would not usually be possible, if living in structured environments such as residential care or group living.


Supporting a family member with complex care needs

Family Support Wales offers a bespoke service that will assess and care for your loved one if they have complex health and care requirements. We have a qualified social worker who has a degree in ‘profound and complex learning difficulty’ available to assess and set up support that will be specific to your needs.


Meet the Team

Clive: team coordinator, NVQ5 and ILM5
Dean: Occupational Therapist; including manual handling assessments and training, disability aids assessment, mobility and movement assessments.
Pete: Community Support Manager, NVQ5 adult management; child & adult and elderly service assessor
Rae: Community Support Manager, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Diploma, BA Hon Psychological, child & adult support assessment
Gail: community Support Manager BA Hons, leadership and management care services children and young people
Kez: community Support Manager, NVQ5 adult management, brain injury rehabilitation
Dailwen: Community Support Manager, Modern apprenticeship in Health & Social Care


Call us and speak to one of our experienced staff to arrange a visit and assessment of need.

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