Our consultancy staff have many years experience in health & social care. Qualifications include highly experienced and qualified Social Worker, Occupational Therapist, Registered Social Care Managers qualified to ILM5 and NVQ5 levels who together support a varied history and experience that spans many years working in several local authorities and private agencies.

Family Support Wales can support your business and assist with strategic planning for the future, or with day to day needs.

Our Occupational Therapist has worked on the Releasing Time to Care program and has supported councils and service users to adapt to the new changes.  We review all care packages to assess whether people are suitable for less intrusive care packages. We train care providers how to manage historical “double handed” care packages with one carer. We introduce new equipment to adapt routines to get the best possible outcomes for clients. Single handed care is the best way to provide client led care as the client has to participate in their care which is the most person centred approach we can offer. By having one carer to complete formal care we can boost the confidence of family members to provide informal care as they know that transfers can be safely managed by one person. Most importantly clients become more independent by participating in tasks. Many clients report increased muscle strength, increased positive mood, increased cognitive awareness along with many other physical and mental health benefits just by having their packages of care adjusted.

Adjustments and improvements vary from changes to routines, to equipment changes and quite often larger adaptations to their environment.

We carry out a varied assessments that include: Comprehensive assessment of service-users care planning, risk assessment and OT assessment (this can be in relation to prospective admissions, home admissions or for general reassessment purposes).

We can complete and/or support Independent Investigations in respect to disciplinary issues, internal or external complaints or SOVA / POVA concerns.

We can support with staffing by providing interim support while implementing short or long-term recruitment strategies. We can assess staffing issues and advice on retention to help build a solid employee base.

We offer Management consultancy that includes working with managers and team leaders to work effectively and efficiently as a team. Our assessment process will look to identify individual and company needs. Advice will be specific to the assessment but may include mentoring and support both 1-2-1 and via a 9 – 5 on call.

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