What can Family Support Wales do for you and your child and meet the team that will oversee the services we offer.


Family Support Wales offers a range of services to support your child in community activities. Our staff are trained to deal with challenges and potential difficulties that may occur. Our staff are experienced in supporting children whose lives are impacted by such difficulties as autism and ADHD.

We understand the benefit of social inclusion and how a diagnosis can impact on this. Our aim is to look at the child first and promote the qualities within them, and look at the diagnosis second. There are many challenges for our young ones in everyday life. We work with children and families to identify the behaviours that are conclusive to emotional age range, specific to diagnosis, synonymous with social and educational delay and behaviours integral to coping with the anxieties of day to day life.

We support and guide children and families to understand and manage behaviours through many different routes, some of these will include looking at consequences, social awareness and behavioural strategies.  Our support is offered alongside regular social and community activities and is child centered in its approach with each service being supported subjectively to its needs.

Our staff are trained in PBM (Positive Behavioural Management) and PBS (Positive Behavioural Support) to ensure the safety of those we support. Our staff will work to recognised support plan in relation to how we support your child or family member through periods of behavioural difficulties while involving them in community activities.

Our senior staff are ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) trained and will oversee service requirements for those who use this method through education or other means. We will work with you and a recognised support plan to offer community inclusion while maintaining the ABA structure that supports your child.

We work closely with families, social and health care professionals as part of a multi-disciplinary team approach.


We can offer 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 support that will enable your child to be involved in community activities. Our aim is to support:

  • Community involvement
  • Social activities and inclusion
  • Positive role model and mentor
  • Companionship
  • Recreation and time out in your community
  • Respite

Our trained staff can support your child to enjoy activities such as:

  • Ten Pin Swansea
  • Plantasia
  • Play Zone
  • Football
  • swimming
  • Cinema
  • Folly Farm

All activities are risk assessed with parents/responsible individuals to ensure the safety of both child and staff. We will work with you to look at realistic options that will support community involvement and inclusion. Our staff will work with you to ensure the boundaries you set are maintained in the way you request. We understand the importance of continuity of care and how recognised boundaries play an important part in a young persons life especially if there are health concerns impacting on behaviour.



Meet the Team

Clive: General Manager, NVQ5 and ILM5; PBS/PBM trainer, team coordinator.
Helen: Post Graduate Certificate of Education (Merit) Cert Ed. S.C.W. train the trainer SSWBA; PBS, service training overseer and assessor.
Dean: Occupational Therapist; including manual handling assessments and training, disability aids assessment, mobility and movement assessments.
Rob: Community Support Manager, NVQ5 adult management; child and adult community inclusion coordinator, challenging behaviour service overseer.
Pete: NVQ5 adult management; adult and elderly service, trainer and QCF assessor.
Ceri: Postgraduate Diploma Profound and Complex Learning Disability, Batchelor of Economic and Social studies, Level 3 Promoting Independence; complex disability service overseer.
Kylie: Senior Community Support Worker, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Diploma
Rae: Senior Community Support Worker, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Diploma


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